The studio is located in the Teacher's home near the Reynolds Rd/ Heatherdowns area. Therefore, the address will only be given to students upon registration and enrollment.



30 minutes-$25.00

45 minutes-$37.50

60 minutes-$50.00

A registration fee is required to enroll in the studio and must be paid prior to beginning lessons. The fee covers the first four lessons and is as follows:

$100 for four 30 minute lessons
$150 for four 45 minute lesson
$200 for four 60 minute lessons

Tuition is paid monthly and is due on the 1st of the month. If tuition is not paid by the 10th of the month, it is considered late. A $10.00 late fee will be assessed.


Missed lessons must be made up within 30 days or the lesson fee will be forfeited. Credit will only be given in extenuating circumstances, i.e. severe illness, death in the family, car problems, severely inclement weather.


Credit will be given if the teacher must cancel a lesson and the lesson cannot be made up at the convenience of the student or teacher.