The "Maumee Valley Suzuki Fiddlers" Violin Program consists of the parent-student-teacher triangle. Each has responsibilities to ensure that the student can learn and work to his full potential.



  • Parents read "Nurtured By Love" and "Ability Development From Age Zero" by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki and obtain a copy of "Beyond the Music Lesson" by Christine E. Goodner.
  • Parents of young beginners also learn to play the violin as they are the home teacher.
  • Parents play the repertoire recordings everyday for their child.
  • Parents will ensure that student attends weekly lesson and scheduled Master Class lessons.
  • Arrive 5 minutes early to allow time for student to take out instrument and prepare for lesson.



  • Students will attend a weekly lesson.
  • Student will attend scheduled Master Class lessons.
  • Students will practice daily following a given format to help make the most of practice time.
  • All repertoire is to be memorized.
  • Materials required for lessons are: notebook to record lesson assignments and music.
  • Upon arrival, get out instrument and prepare for the lesson.



  • Teacher will adhere to the Suzuki philosophy.
  • Teacher will strive to instill in each student the concepts of listening, technical mastery, musical sensitivity, and performing with a noble heart.
  • Teacher will strive to teach and perform with a noble heart