• Suzuki Association of the Americas, Inc. : This site describes the Suzuki Philosophy in detail, can assist in locating a Suzuki teacher, gives information about Suzuki Teacher Training, membership and support opportunities.
  • Suzuki Early Childhood Education : This link will take you into the world of Suzuki ECE. Many years ago, Dr. Suzuki prevailed upon Suzuki Piano Teacher Trainer Dorothy Jones to "not forget the babies". Explore the Concepts and Beliefs that are the basis for the program. Find out about the Stages 1-5 Teacher Training Program. The information in this link will even have you convinced that musical education DOES begin before birth!
  • : Christine Goodner, Suzuki teacher, mom, and Suzuki student from the age of 3 has published a book that all Suzuki parents will find invaluable to their Suzuki instrumental journey with their child. "Beyond the Music Lesson: Habits of Successful Suzuki Families" is a compilation of the teaching and relationship experiences of Goodner, other teachers, parents, and students. This book truly brings together the Suzuki philosophy and how it can be applied, not only to lessons, but to family life itself. This book is a "must read" for every Suzuki parent!