Hello! I’m Susan Stephenson and welcome to Suzuki Music School of Greater Toledo. I’m so glad you found my little corner of the musical world where your family and I can explore music and life together.

I am founder of the Suzuki Music School of Greater Toledo where I teach violin lessons and Suzuki Early Childhood Education (SECE) Baby Classes. I love playing and teaching violin, making music, and teaching babies and their parents.


I began my musical journey on the violin when I was nine years old.  I took private lessons, played in school orchestra, and the local youth orchestra when I was in high school. I attended university and earned Bachelor and Master of Music degrees in Violin Performance.

Then, the magical day I watched a colleague teach a violin lesson to a five year old, my musical world was changed. That sent me on my Suzuki Violin and (SECE) teacher training journey. I spent nearly 30 years teaching and performing in the Northern Virginia/Washington, DC area.

Then life brought me back to Toledo, Ohio where I grew up. That's when the "Maumee Valley Suzuki Fiddlers" violin program and the "Your Musical Baby" SECE Baby Class program were started.

I have spent my career working with children (and a few adult students who were always in the mix!) and never tire of observing how they learn and what they are so capable of learning.

I understand Dr. Suzuki's "Mother-Tongue Theory" of education and how research has proven it. But, I am still SO fascinated when I see children learn to do a musical activity that seems far above what we, as adults, expect from them.



My own children began in Baby Class and learned to play violin with me. I loved seeing them learn and grow. I would also love to see your child (and you!) learn and grow together as you make music a part of your family’s life.

I don't promise that your musical journey will always be easy. However, I do promise that you will never regret giving your child this opportunity.